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Community Garden Application- Coytesville 6th Street

  1. 6. If given a box, are you fully capable of maintaining your box throughout the entire gardening season?*
  2. Are you willing to contribute to the overall maintenance of the garden throughout the gardening season? *
  3. Are you interested in a disabled-friendly plot?
  4. ***Please note, Gardeners are selected on a year-by-year basis. if you are assigned a garden box there are a few rules and regulations each gardener is expected to follow. Any violation may result in a gardener being permanently expelled from use of the garden. The garden is self-maintained. All gardeners are expected to maintain their boxes as well as contribute to the overall maintenance of the garden. Each gardener should treat each other with respect and respect each other’s garden boxes and personal belongings. Any bullying or harassment or vandalism of another gardener’s property will result in immediate removal of that gardener. NO DOGS allowed in the garden. Please electronically sign below to confirm you have read the rules and regulations and will not violate any of them if you are selected as one of the gardeners for the 2023 season.

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