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April 2, 2020 10:24 AM

Safe House Available for First Responder Residents, Employees & Volunteers

The Borough has opened a “Safe House” for Fort Lee Residents, Borough Employees or Borough Volunteers who are First Responders, Health Care Providers and/or have been deemed essential. The location of the “Safe House” will be at the Double Tree Hotel.

A “Safe House” is designed for an individual who is assisting in the battle against COVID-19, who is healthy and symptom free. The “Safe House” is designed for individuals that are fearful or uncomfortable going back to their homes where their loved ones reside so that there is zero chance of any disease being brought into their home.

If anyone is a Fort Lee Resident, Borough Employee & Borough Volunteer the town will incur the cost of the stay. If the person is NOT a Fort Lee Resident, Borough Employee or Borough Volunteer but live within the county they will need to provide payment for the stay. The Double Tree has agreed to offer our reduced rate to those who are NOT Fort Lee Residents, Borough Employees, or a Borough Volunteer. The following is the procedure to have someone admitted into the “Safe House”:

1.) The individual will contact the Fort Lee Call Center at 201-592-3500x1700.
2.) The individual will provide the call center with their name, address, and contact number.
3.) The call center will contact the me to which we will coordinate with the Double Tree.

(Please be advised that this program is DAY by DAY; the Borough of Fort Lee reserves the right to end the program at any time.)

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