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February 19, 2021

Women's Wellness Series - Next Up: Part 3 - Weight Loss (3/17)

If it’s one thing that 2020 has proven, it’s that Fort Lee is a community of strong, courageous and resilient people, where residents are genuinely concerned for their neighbors and are looking to grow and connect with one another. In 2021, Councilwoman Ila Kasofsky is dedicated to create meaningful change and positively influence our transition into this new year.

General wellbeing is a balance of mental, emotional and physical health and with that, Councilwoman Kasofsky is committed to bringing health directly to our friends and family through a series of online lectures led by star professionals in the fields of health, nutrition, yoga, meditation, positive mindset, beauty, and more. A focus on women’s wellbeing, in particular, is more crucial than ever as it was once famously said “that as custodians of family health, women play a critical role in maintaining the health and overall well-being of her communities.”

Ila's next Women’s Wellness Series will continue on Wednesday, March 17 at 7pm with part three of a six-part series. Join Julene Stassou MS, RD, Registered Dietitian & NYT Best-Selling Author of "The Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss Solution," as she discusses losing weight and nurturing your overall health and well-being. There will be a live Q&A immediately following the session with Julene and Ila. Session will be LIVE Via Zoom. Link is forthcoming!

Find out more about Julene by visiting her official website at

Remember, Fort Lee – together we are STRONGER!

Womens Wellness Series 2021 (2)
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