Sewers Department

The primary objective of the Sewers Department is to protect the safety and health of the public and to safeguard the environment through proper operation and maintenance of the municipal wastewater collection system, which includes (but is not limited to) monthly maintenance, rebuilding catch basins, sewer and storm connections, and repairs.

The Borough of Fort Lee holds responsibility for the main sewer line. Homeowners are responsible for sewer lines extending from their home to the main line connection. Unlike many municipalities, there is no charge for the sewer system in Fort Lee.

In the event of a sewer emergency outside of normal operating hours (Monday-Friday, 7am-3:30pm), please contact the Fort Lee Police Department's non-emergency number at 201-592-3700. They will take down your information and contact a DPW supervisor immediately.


1.    Palisade Terrace Pump Station

2.    Main Street Pump Station

3.    Valley Street Pump Station

4.    Westview Pump Station

5.    Bluff Road Pump Station

6.    Stillwell Pump Station

7.    12th Street Pump Station

DPW Sewers