Swimming Pools

Public Pool Licensing Procedures & APPLICATION

  1. A checklist for each pool and/or spa must be submitted to the Fort Lee Department of Health (FLHD) 21 days prior to intended opening or 30 days before expiration of license for year-round pools. (For the checklist, please see https://www.nj.gov/health/forms/ceoh-1.pdf
  2. Within 72 hours of receipt of the checklist at the FLHD, the checklist will be reviewed and you will be contacted by a Registered Environmental Health Specialist.   At this time, you will receive any necessary feedback and/or approval to open.
  3. Upon receiving verbal approval to open, you may immediately submit a pool license application and payment for your pool and/or spa.
  4. Once the FLHD has received your application and payment, you will be permitted to begin operation, and a pool license will be mailed to the provided address.
  5. Please be advised that at least one (1) unannounced, in-person, inspection will be conducted by a Registered Environmental Health Specialist during the pool operating season

Before submitting a checklist, pool license application, and/or payment, ensure that your pool has a valid 5-year bonding and grounding certificate and an annual electrical certificate.  Annual electrical certificates must be obtained by appointment.  This appointment can be scheduled by contacting the Fort Lee Building Department at 201-592-3500 ext. 1252. This inspection is a separate fee administered by the Building Department.  If you fail to obtain an electrical certificate, your checklist, license application, and payment will be rejected, and you will not be permitted to open.

For a printable version of the Pool Application, please click here.

For a printable version of the Pool Licensing Procedures (as seen above), please click here.

Along with all applicable Public Recreational Bathing Code Requirements (N.J.A.C. 8:26), please be reminded of the below requirements to avoid delays to the opening of your pool and to ensure your pool has a successful operating season:

  1. A Trained Pool Operator (TPO) must visit pool 1x per week and sign off on a checklist/form. This record must be kept on-site. (All pools over 2,000 sq ft must have a Trained Pool Director in addition to a TPO)
  2. All pools must have an AED machine on-site during operating hours.
  3. A certified lab must take weekly bacteria samples.  Results of lab must be submitted to the Fort Lee Department of Health (FLHD). The FLHD must obtain at least one (1) satisfactory sample prior to pool opening.
  4. Lifeguard information, including current lifeguard, 1st Aid and CPR certificates, must be available on site.
  5. Lifeguards must be provided with distinguishing apparel and a whistle.
  6. One person must be available who has CPR and First Aid Certification in spas or pools without lifeguards.
  7. While painting the pools, remember that depth markers must be at least 4 inches in height and indicate water depth in inches or feet. They must be located at or above the water level and on top of the coping.
  8. Pool rules must be in accordance with Chapter 9 of the State Sanitary Code. (For the entire Chapter 9 State Sanitary Code please see http://www.state.nj.us/health/eoh/phss/recbathing.pdf)
  9. Manual DPD tests must be logged every 2 hours and include date, time, and result of chemical test.  If an automatic chlorine feeder is in use, date, time, and chlorine and pH levels must be logged 2x per day.
  10. Emergency equipment, including 2 non-telescoping assist poles, 2 rescue tubes, a 24-unit 1st aid kit, spine board, metal shepherd’s hook, and telephone or other approved means of communication must be provided and be in clean, working. 
  11. Each pool must comply with the Virginia Graham Baker Act regarding drains. http://www.state.nj.us/health/eoh/phss/documents/guidance_vgb.pdf
  12. For information on the new ADA rules, please visit http://www.state.nj.us/health/eoh/cehsweb/adapools.shtml#aquatic.