Community Gardens

Agreement of Responsibility

To participate in the Fort Lee Community Garden, I understand and agree to the following policies and responsibilities:

1. The garden plots will be assigned starting April 20th, and I can begin planting by May 15th. It is a first come first serve basis.

2. I/We will maintain our garden plot through the end of the growing season and will have my plot cleared of debris by November 1.

3. I won’t plant tall crops where they will shade neighboring plots.

4. I will pick only my crops unless given permission by another plot user.

5. I will NOT use fertilizers, insecticides or weed repellents that will in any way affect other plots.

6. I will NOT bring pets to the garden area.

7. There will be NO fencing or manmade structures other than plant supports and a sign identifying the

gardeners plot name. ID Signs can be no larger than 12 X 24 on a 36” stake. Naming your garden and creative signage is encouraged.

8. If I must abandon my plot for any reason, I will notify the garden leadership.

9. I will keep trash and litter out of the plot and will participate in the fall cleanup of the garden.

10. I/We understand that the GREEN sponsors are providing the community gardens as a benefit to the residents of Fort Lee on a not for profit volunteer organization basis. I will not hold the land owner or any GREEN partner responsible for my actions. I THEREFORE AGREE TO HOLD HARLMESS THE GARDEN GROUP AND OWNERS OT THE LAND FOR ANY LIABILITY, DAMAGE, LOSS OR CLAIM THAT OCCURS IN CONNECTION WITH USE OF THE GREEN GARDEN BY ME OR ANY OF MY GUESTS.

To submit an application by email, please click here.

To print and submit an application in person to the Dept of Public Works (530 Jane Street), please click here. You can also fax it to 201-886-8774.