Patrol Division

Community Policing Unit

All officers are trained in Community Policing, whether it be through basic police academy classes or tailored specific for in depth community issues facing our diverse populace.

K-9 Unit

The Fort Lee Police Department’s K-9 unit is composed of police officers partnered with a highly-trained canines. These specially trained dogs are bred or chosen for their intelligence and strong sense of smell. These dogs can help when pursuing fugitives, searching for missing persons, and during narcotics or explosive detection.

Traffic Bureau

The primary focus of the Traffic Bureau is crash investigation and enforcement of traffic laws. Additional responsibilities include investigations of traffic related crimes, selective enforcement activities, traffic crash pattern analysis, engineering enhancements for improved traffic flow and increased safety, school crossing guards training & supervision, planning board and zoning board research, police motor unit instruction and maintenance.

Uniform Patrol Division

The Fort Lee Uniform Patrol officers are composed of officers assigned to motor vehicle patrol in designated areas and they are responsible for the bulk of police services rendered by the department.