Call Statistics

With an estimated population of approximately 37,000 residents in an area of 2.5 square miles, the Borough of Fort Lee, NJ is the 5th densest municipality in Bergen County and the 16th densest in the State of New Jersey. As the western terminus of the George Washington Bridge which serves well over 100 million vehicles each year, the Borough of Fort Lee serves as a major hub for commuters.

The Fort Lee Volunteer Ambulance Corps, in conjunction with Fort Lee Emergency Medical Services, responds to an average of over 3,700 emergencies annually, serving not only the residents of Fort Lee, but also the thousands of commuters, visitors, and tourists who pass through the Borough each day. The total number includes—but is not limited to—cardiac emergencies, respiratory emergencies, motor vehicle accidents, struck pedestrians,  diabetic emergencies, traumatic injuries, and other medical emergencies. Values represent the number of EMS calls that were processed through the Fort Lee Communications Center.

2019 Emergencies
Call Statistics 2019

Total: 349 (Year-To-Date)

2018 Emergencies

Call Statistics 2018

Total: 4179