Parking User Fees

Zone A Meters 

Zone B Meters

Street Meter bagging
$15 Per Day in Zone A
$10 Per Day in Zone B

Pay by Plate in all Municipal Lots with pay Stations
$1.00 Per Hour
$1.50 on the fourth Hour thereafter up to 24 hours
(The fourth hour does not apply to Warren, 540 Main Street or Center Avenue lots)

Monthly Permits
$185 Per Month - Passenger
$260 Per Month - Commercial

Residential Parking
$5 - Per Vehicle - valid for 2 years

Residential Visitor Books
$15 Per Book of 20 (for visitors of residents only)

Business Traffic Passes (Residential)
$25 Per Year

Business Books
$185 for 20 vouchers

Constructions Fees in Residential Areas (Flat Fee)
1-5 Months of Construction = $925
6-12 Months of Construction = $1500