Metered Parking

The Parking Authority is responsible for the purchase, maintenance, and collection of all parking meters in Fort Lee in its municipal lots, business lots, and streets.

Parking meters are used solely to assure there will be a smooth flow of traffic and the movement of vehicles from parking spaces so merchants can operate their businesses and provide spaces for shoppers. All Fort Lee parking meters in Zone A and Zone B operate at $1.50 per hour. 

All street meters are enforced Monday-Saturday, 8am-6pm, except the following streets: Lemoine Avenue between Bridge Plaza South and Main Street, 8am-2am; Bridge Plaza South between Park Avenue and Lemoine Avenue, 8am-2am; Hudson Streets between Main Street and Central Avenue, 8am-2am; and 16th Street, 8am-12am. Please see Zone Map below.

Zone Map

If you park at a meter and it doesn’t accept a coin or jams up, you should record the meter’s number, move to another meter, and as soon as possible advise the Parking Authority of the problem. The problem will be investigated and your coin will be refunded accordingly. However, if your car remains parked at the broken meter, you are likely to be given a summons. If in the event you receive a summons because of a broken meter, please notify the Parking Authority at your earliest convenience and request a meter check; pertinent information will be taken, the meter will be investigated, and the results of the meter check will be sent via mail. The Parking Authority does not allow "meter feeding": in other words, you cannot park at a meter for longer than the time zone allows, even if you continue to place money in the meter throughout the day.

The Borough’s parking lots are enforced 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Most of our lots are operated by "pay by space" machines. Please read all instructions carefully before entering money. Our machines accept coins and credit cards only.  Credit cards have a minimum $1.50 use. Credit card use requires you to use the increment buttons located on the machine. Please use these buttons carefully to add and deduct time, you can look at the screen to see how much time you  have accumulated. If you experience any problems using this machine, there is a phone number listed to call our office during regular working hours; after hours, please leave a message and someone will return your call on the next business day.

For your convenience, the Parking Authority offers monthly permits to be used in any of our parking lots throughout Fort Lee, including Guntzer Street Garage and Fletcher Ave. angle parking area only. Please see "Parking User Fees" for current prices.

For your convenience the Parking Authority now offers several payment options:

  • You  may obtain your monthly permit online by clicking the tab in the Main Menu - "Monthly Parking Permits
  • You can pay by cell phone in any one of our parking lots or street meters - please click here for info
  • Our pay station machines accepts coins and credit cards only
  • You may also visit our office to purchase your monthly permit