Parking Lot Locations

All Fort Lee Municipal Parking lots are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (except Holidays) and meet all ADA requirements. Please see "Metered Parking" and "Parking User Fees" for payment options. 

For your convenience, clicking on the links below for each location will give you access to Google Maps, Directions & Street Views for each one of our lot locations.  (FLPA is not responsible for Google Map updates.)

Main Street Municipal Lot
New Garage May 2019(Formally Known as Guntzer Lot)                                                    231 Main Street
Public Parking Spaces: 200 (Pay at Kiosks)
357 Garage Spaces (Permit Only)

540 Main Street Lot
540 Main Street
Public Parking Spaces: 25

Center Avenue Municipal Lot
1637 Center Avenue
Public Parking Spaces: 10

Gerome Avenue Municipal Lot
1622 Gerome Avenue
Public Parking Spaces: 27

Warren Avenue Municipal Lot
262 Warren Avenue
Public Parking Spaces: 12

Palisades Terrace Municipal Lot
1450 Palisades Terrace
Parking Spaces for Residents Only: 41

Police Department/Community South Lot
1325 Inwood Terrace

Private Lot for Police Department, No Public Parking!

Main Street Business Lot
95 Main Street
Public Parking Spaces: 59

Edwin Avenue Lot
Adjacent to 2056 Edwin Avenue
Public Parking Spaces: 22