Parking Lot Locations

All Fort Lee Municipal Parking lots are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (except Holidays) and meet all ADA requirements. Please see "Metered Parking" for payment options. Our Guntzer Street Lot, Main Street Business Lot, and Gerome Ave Lot are $.75/hour for the first 3 hours and $1.25 on the 4th hour thereafter, up to 24 hours. All other lots listed here are individually metered with rates of $0.75 per hour, except the Warren Avenue Lot is currently $0.50 per hour.

For your convenience, clicking on the links below for each location will give you access to Google Maps, Directions & Street Views for each one of our lot locations.  (FLPA is not responsible for Google Map updates.)

Guntzer Street Municipal Lot (Now open; partially under construction)
New Garage May 20192030 Guntzer Street
Public Parking Spaces: 200 (Pay at Kiosks)
357 Garage Spaces (Permit Only)

540 Main Street Lot
540 Main Street
Public Parking Spaces: 25

Center Avenue Municipal Lot
1637 Center Avenue
Public Parking Spaces: 10

Gerome Avenue Municipal Lot
1622 Gerome Avenue
Public Parking Spaces: 27

Warren Avenue Municipal Lot
262 Warren Avenue
Public Parking Spaces: 12

Palisades Terrace Municipal Lot
1450 Palisades Terrace
Parking Spaces for Residents Only: 41

Police Department/Community South Lot
1325 Inwood Terrace
Public Parking Spaces: 50
Private/Reserved: 45

Main Street Business Lot
95 Main Street
Public Parking Spaces: 59

Edwin Avenue Lot
Adjacent to 2056 Edwin Avenue
Public Parking Spaces: 22