Mayor's Message

Mayor’s Message

I am happy to have Cameron Cohen, Student Body President, publish a piece in our newsletter on behalf of the student body of Fort Lee High School.

I have always been an outspoken young woman, passionate and driven about the things I put my mind to. Student Body President. After hearing of the tragedy in Parkland, it struck me like none ever had. These kids were my age, some I even attended sleepaway camp with and would be attending college with in the fall. I could picture myself walking down the halls from my AP Biology class, just as they had before their lives changed forever. I was heartbroken, angry, scared, but inspired to make a change and say enough is enough.

I decided to use my platform for the better, and give the students at Fort Lee High School a voice. I gathered a group of students who felt the same way that I did about what happened at Marjory Stoneman Douglas and we met on various occasions discussing what we wanted to do to move forward. I led the organization of the Nationwide Student Walkout on March 14 at my school and put together a beautiful ceremony to honor the lives lost and to let the government know that the students of Fort Lee High School would not stand for this senseless gun violence.

My dedication to the movement didn't stop there. I marched in New York City at the March for Our Lives. I have worked closely with the administration, teachers, and security to make school as safe as possible. However, school safety can only go so far. Common sense gun laws and universal background checks is what this country needs to not only stop school shootings, but the mass shootings that happen all over the country at concerts, nightclubs, and even places of worship.

The adults of this country have failed us, but we are here to pick up the mess they left behind. The time for change is now, and we won't stop until change is made.