Sustainable Fort Lee

In accordance with the guidelines set by Sustainable Jersey, Fort Lee’s Green Team works to plan and implement programs that work towards building a healthier, more sustainable community. With all of Fort Lee’s expansive diversity, the Green Team aims to represent each demographic and expand inclusion. By doing so, the group will be able to reach SUSTAINABLE FL - Garden 1more people, therefore gaining more support and public input to provoke an effective change. The Green Team will help Fort Lee gain a higher status as a sustainable town in Fort Lee by developing plans, taking action, and providing educational opportunities so that all Fort Lee residents may contribute to Fort Lee’s sustainability. Led by Councilwoman Ila Kasofsky, the group has successfully managed to earn the Bronze Status for the Sustainable Jersey program for the previous two cycles. For the upcoming cycle, the Fort Lee Green Team intends to earn not Bronze, but Silver status, making Fort Lee a more sustainable town. 

Members of the Green Team come from a variety of places and backgrounds. Members include Shelby Meyers and Steve Wielkocz (Fort Lee Health Department), Ed Mingone, (Borough Engineer), Bob Appelbaum, Marc Bauer, Karen Bloch, Nellie Flek, Deborah Levine and Zal Sarwary. Working together for several years now, the group has implemented many new policies and programs in Fort Lee. 

For example, the Fort Lee Green Team created Fort Lee’s first community garden, and they are working on the implementation of a new one for the spring of 2019 (DBrett Shelbyownload Community Garden Application here). In addition to this, it has helped to host and assist in numerous events promoting the welfare and health of our community, such as the Clima-Con event, hosted by the Youth Council of Fort Lee in April of 2018. The Green Team has also helped to popularize the shredding day, held in September and April. Adding to its list of accomplishments, the Fort Lee Green Team ensured that the safe disposal of prescription drugs is always available with the medicine drop-off box at every town event and a permanent location at the Fort Lee Police Department. Together, they also installed a dumpster at the Department of Public Works on Jane Street for the disposal ofSUSTAINABLE FL Harvey and Ila household electronics. Smoke-free and tobacco-free public places were also established by the Green Team. The team’s reach, however, does not end with these policies. The Green Team also holds dog training classes at the Fort Lee Dog Park on the first Saturday of every month at 11am. 

The team hopes to continue their efforts in transforming Fort Lee into a more sustainable town and achieving Silver Status in the upcoming 2019 cycle. With your help, the Fort Lee Green Team will be able to do even more to make our town sustainable.