Resources for Residents with Disabilities

  1. Services
  2. Text Telephone (TTY) Users
  3. Meetings Closed Captioning
  4. Hearing Aid Project
  5. Equipment Distribution Program
  • Text Telephone (TTY) for individuals with hearing or speech disabilities: 201-585-0476
  • Transportation to doctors and local stores, call 201-592-3500, ext. 1518
  • Registry of Disabled Persons: you may visit New Jersey Register Ready to register online, or you may call 201-592-3500, ext. 1512 (OEM) or 201-592-3500, ext. 1018 (Fire Prevention) for assistance and/or additional information
  • Resource rack of literature on disabilities in Borough Hall
  • Hearing devices at Council meetings and Court sessions
  • The Office of Emergency Management will arrange for assistance with snow removal and secondary backup for power outages: call 201-592-3500, ext.1512 or 201-592-3500