Uniform Patrol Division

The Fort LPolice Officer Standing with Man in Batman Costume Next to Batmobileee Uniform Patrol Division is comprised of the largest contingent of officers in the department. A total of fifty-four officers make up that division, with an additional eight officers on training status at the Bergen County Police Academy. The division prides itself on its veteran officer force, whose mission is dedication and public service to the residents of Fort Lee.

Patrol Responsibilities

Officers work various shifts 24 hours a day, providing round-the-clock, constant coverage for the borough. Patrol utilizes marked and unmarked vehicles while conducting traffic enforcement and patrol with proactive concepts. Great significance is placed on employing community service interaction along with crime prevention in accomplishing our objectives.

Mission Statement

Uniformed police officers are generally the first contact a citizen has with a law enforcement agency. These initial contacts will frequently leave the citizen with a lasting impression of the department, and it is our intention to make that impression a positive one. Our mission is to provide the highest quality law enforcement service and leave the impression of an effective and efficient unit with our citizens.


Officers are trained in various technical skills and as first responders, certified in CPR and Automated External Defibrillator for life-threatening emergencies which are equipped in all vehicles. They are radar operators, Alco test operators, trained field sobriety detection officers for both alcohol and drug use. Officers' vehicles are equipped with Mobile Data Terminals so that report completion and communication can be conducted while out in the community and decrease the need for officers reporting back to headquarters and leaving their patrol duties.Fort Lee Police Car

Traffic Division & Community Policing Division

Comprised within the Uniform Patrol Division are the Traffic Division and Community Policing Division. These two units are staffed with officers who provide daily and special detail traffic control, motorcycle patrol and escort duty, traffic engineering studies, school crossing-guard detachment and motor vehicle accident reconstruction in severe cases. Community Policing brings the messages of public contact, service, crime prevention and communication to and from our citizens in the various programs they are involved in. Citizens Police Academy, Junior Police Academy and boot camp, crime prevention seminars and lectures to various groups and organizations throughout the borough are some examples.

Helpful Resources

Citizens are encouraged to contact our Patrol Division Commander, Captain Andrea Cappola, at 201-592-3700, ext. 5233 with any concerns or questions.