General Investigations Bureau

Members of the General Investigations Bureau are responsible for conducting follow up investigations stemming from crimes or incidents reported to the Fort Lee Police Department. In addition to generating their own cases our Detectives also provide support to the Uniform Patrol Divisions. Cases are evaluated by the Detective Supervisors and are assigned to Detectives accordingly. Detectives of this unit are not only trained to investigate crimes but specialize in specific areas of police work. Borough of Fort Lee New Jersey Police Department Detective BadgeDetectives receive year round investigative training and keep up to date with Laws and Procedures. 

Specialized Departments

Detectives are highly specialized in various areas of combating crime, such as:

  • Computer and Internet Crimes
  • Homicides
  • Various White Collar Crimes
    • Burglary
    • Identity Theft and Frauds
    • Robbery
    • Theft


Man in White Polo Shirt Talking to Police OfficersDetectives are highly motivated and are always trying to find new ways to combat crime. Our Detectives are highly adept in interview and interrogation and have various technological resources available to assist them with their investigations. Detectives follow their cases from the initial report through to prosecution. This includes processing arrests and crime scene investigations. We work hand in hand with various Federal, State, and Local agencies and the citizens of Fort Lee can be assured that we hold ourselves to a higher standard and never leave any stone unturned. 

The FLPD Detective Bureau is held in high regard by other Law Enforcement Agencies and our primary goal is to detect, solve, and prevent crime throughout the Borough of Fort Lee.