Programs & Duties

Public Education Program

The Bureau also provides the foundation for an extensive Fire Safety Public Education Program. Effective public education needs to cover a variety of disciplines for a variety of age groups. We have programs geared for the: 

  • Assisted Living FacilitiesFPB - Mary and Sparky
  • Carnivals
  • Civic Groups
  • Co-Operative Associations
  • Condominium
  • Feasts
  • High-Rise
  • Multiple Dwellings
  • One and Two Family Residential
  • Religious Groups
  • Seniors
  • Street Fairs
  • Workplace

However, most of our endeavors focus on Pre-School through High School aged children. Also included is the participation in the fire, evacuation, and lockdown drills in all schools, office buildings and high-rises.

Fire Safety Training

Our philosophy is that early, repetitious training of these children is the most advantageous way to solidify a lifelong attitude of employing fire safety methods and techniques. To accomplish this training, we use several props including our own Fire Safety House Trailer, Sparky the Fire Dog, videos and educational handouts, The Firefighter Phil Program that teaches fire safety through music, ventriloquism, and puppetry, and for the High School Senior Graduating Class, the "After the Fire" Program presented by two surviving severe burn victims of the New Jersey Seton Hall Dormitory Fire of 2000.

Conducting our inspections in conjunction with our public education campaign also allows us to verify the accuracy of our fire safety educational programs.

Investigation of Fires

The Bureau is also responsible for the coordination and investigation of all fires within the Borough.

Inspections of Occupancies

The Bureau conducts periodic inspections of all occupancies throughout the Borough except for one- and two-family owner-occupied homes for compliance with the New Jersey Uniform Fire Code.

Certificate of continued Occupancy Inspections

Upon sale or change of tenancy to ensure compliance with the New Jersey's Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector regulations.

Plan Review & Inspection of Newly Constructed Buildings

The Fire Prevention Bureau's responsibility pursuant to the Fire Sub code requirements of the Uniform Construction Code of the State of New Jersey involves the plan review and inspection of all newly constructed buildings as well as additions and alterations to existing structures. The drawings are reviewed, and the structures are all inspected to insure the health, safety and welfare of the public.

To accomplish this, the Fire Protection Sub Code Official reviews the permit applications to ensure that the building plans and specifications conform to the Uniform Construction Code and it's adopted technical standards. The Fire Protection Inspectors perform field inspections to verify that the construction, fire protection and mechanical systems all conform with the approved drawings and the Uniform Construction Code regulations.

New Jersey State Housing Inspections

The bureau conducts 5-year cyclical State Housing Inspections on all hotels, motels and multiple dwellings.