Rescue Company Number 2

A group of citizens from the "Frozen North" - Coytesville, decided that it was time to organize a fire unit. A meeting was held in the Schlosser Hotel to organize the residents to start a fire department. They meet in Brannigan’s barn on the night of July 9, 1900 and notified the Ridgefield Township of their intentions to initiate a fire company. They gained recognition from the township and proceeded with their plans. Their first fire house was located in Mrs. Dempsey’s blacksmith shop.

A year later, in 1901, many of the early movie stars living in what is now Coytesville ran a benefit performance at Buckheister’s Park in Fort Lee. Among those performing were Maurice Barrymore and Charles Drew. With the proceeds of the benefit, the land was purchased on Washington Avenue and a fire house and community hall was constructed. The volunteers also acquire a hose reel and a two-wheeled ladder truck which carried two small ladders, a few lengths of hose and numerous leather buckets.