Communication Division

ResponsibilitiesFLPD Communcations

The Fort Lee Police Department Communications Division is a designated E911 Public Safety Answering Point. The main function of the Communications Division is to receive calls for assistance from the public and then dispatch the appropriate emergency service. The Communications Division dispatches for all police, fire, and emergency medical services for the Borough of Fort Lee. Fort Lee is also responsible for the East Bergen Fire Mutual Dispatch. 


In 2021, there were over 80,833 calls for police service, over 2,007 for fire service, and 4,202 for medical service. In addition to 911 calls, the Communications Division also answers non-emergency calls for service and information.


There are currently 12 full-time Public Safety Telecommunicators who staff the center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All of the Telecommunicators are certified by the State of New Jersey in Basic 911 Telecommunications, Emergency Medical Dispatching, and CPR. Through the use of specialized equipment, they are able to communicate with the hearing-impaired, as well as having access to interpreters in any language. They are trained to access various local, state, and national databases, as well as motor vehicle records.

Helpful Resources

Citizens are encouraged to contact the Communications Division Supervisor, Lieutenant Gabriel Cappola at 201-592-3700 ext. 5235 with any concerns or questions.