Housing Inspection Helpful Hints


  • Plumbing fixtures in good working order
  • Hot and cold water to sinks and tubs
  • Heating equipment properly installed and in good working order
  • Portable fire extinguisher must be mounted and in a mean of egress; ABC-rated, between 5 and 10 pounds, cannot be blocked by anything or in an enclosed space
  • Working smoke detectors within 10 feet of sleeping areas
  • Working carbon monoxide detector on every level and within 10 feet of sleeping areas
  • All smoke and CO2 detectors must have been replaced within the last ten years
  • Means of egress are safe and unobstructed
  • Floors, foundation, walls, ceilings, doors and windows are all clean and in good condition
  • Free of rodents and insects
  • Window screens from May 15 to October 15
  • Paint/wallpaper in good condition
  • Locks cannot be double key
  • Exhaust fan in all bathrooms and/or or operable window
  • All utilities must be turned on
  • Ground Fault Interrupted (GFI) Outlet required within 6 feet of water


  • Trash and recycling properly stored in approved containers
  • Windows, roof and exterior of building in good repair
  • Decks, porches and balconies have safe railings, capable of supporting imposed loads
  • Three or more steps must have a graspable handrail.
  • Roof, walls, windows and exterior doors are all weather-tight and free from holes and cracks
  • Premises free from litter, garbage, junk, rubbish and debris
  • Lawns, hedges, bushed or vegetarian must be maintained and not hanging over onto sidewalks and/or curbs
  • Fences must be in good repair
  • Driveways, steps, sidewalks and curbs are in good condition
  • Every building must have an address number as well as a distinguishing unit number if there are two or more units on the properly
    • Address must be contrasting in color and easily visible from the street
    • House numbers shall be 4 inches high with a ½ inch stroke
  • Sheds, garages and any accessory structures and maintained and in good repair
  • Only one real estate sign allowed per property

Additional Information

In addition, please be sure to close out any and all construction permits as well as any violations that may exist.