Seasonal Flu Vaccine

Flu shots are free to anyone age 65 and older who present a Medicare card part B/medical insurance coverage and who are not covered by an HMO. Flu shots will be administered to all others over the age of 6 months for a fee of $5 by appointment.

The best way to prevent the seasonal flu is to get the flu vaccine each fall. With two types of flu common this year, it is important that residents maximize their protection by receiving the appropriate vaccination. In New Jersey, about 2,500 deaths per year are directly attributed to pneumonia and seasonal influenza; nearly 90% of these deaths occur among persons aged 65 and over.

When to Not Get a Flu Shot

Certain people should not get a flu shot. Do not receive a flu shot if you have a fever, had a previous allergic reaction to the flu vaccine, or if you are allergic to chicken eggs and/or natural rubber latex. Consult your physician or local hospital clinic before receiving a flu shot if you have an acute respiratory infection or other acute infectious condition.