Human Services

Mission Statement

To promote the health and safety of our residents by helping them to access care and connect with natural community support systems.


To provide a safety net of services for those in urgent, preventive or supportive need.

To empower people to increase or maintain their independence by linking them to appropriate local care, resources and /or support services and increase the use of community support.


Human Services accepts referrals from borough departments, individuals, the community at large and offers:

  • Confidential consultations and needs assessments
  • Information, collaboration and linkage to numerous care providers and resources
  • Liaison to:
    • Housing programs
    • Local, county, state programs
    • Local business community
    • Police
    • Transportation
  • Outreach to disabled and frail elderly

Human Services addresses the needs of those with significant hardship including the elderly, disabled, unemployed, single parent households as well as those living with mental health and substance use challenges. Consultations and outreaches are solution-focused needs assessments designed to enable people to improve their quality of life by connecting with natural community systems, and the least amount of social services necessary.

Donations Accepted

  • Coats (In good shape, in dry cleaning plastic)
  • Food (Non-expired/Non-Perishable)
  • Gift Cards

Helpful Resources