Snow Removal Procedures

Important Notice to All Residents & Commercial Properties

Your cooperation is needed during snowfall events to help the Borough keep the streets plowed and available for emergency vehicles, as well as pedestrian and vehicular traffic. All vehicles must be removed from designated snow streets. If vehicles are parked on posted streets, they will receive summonses and if not removed they will be subject to being towed.

All commercial contractors hired to plow and remove snow in town are required to be licensed and follow the rules and regulations of the Borough of Fort Lee. At no time is snow to be disposed of into the street from the property, parking lots, driveways and sidewalks. All snow blowers should be directed to blow snow back onto the property.

Hazardous Situations

After the streets are plowed and salted, snow deposited back into the roadway creates hazardous situations, causing additional plowing of the streets, as well as blocking of parked vehicles and driveways after the original cleanup. Summons will be issued for non-compliance. (Borough Code-Ordinance: 388-37)

Thank You

We want to thank everyone for complying with these requests and following the ordinances, rules and regulations of the Borough of Fort Lee.