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Sidewalk Sales

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Merchants may obtain permits for sidewalk sales from the Borough Clerk's Office. Permits cost $10.00 and may be used for up to three consecutive days. A sidewalk sale shall not exceed 12 hours in any day. There is a limit of four permits per merchant per calendar year, and each permittee must maintain a clear right-of-way at least four feet wide for pedestrians walking on the sidewalk.

Relevant Ordinance Provisions:

Chapter 342

§ 342-1.Permit required.
Sidewalk sales are prohibited in the Borough of Fort Lee unless a permit to conduct a sidewalk sale has been issued by the Borough Clerk.

§ 342-2.Definitions.
As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:

SIDEWALK SALES - An outdoor display of any portion of the sidewalk by any merchant for the exhibition or sale of goods or services, excepting live nursery products.

§ 342-3. Permit application; fee.
A. Application forms for sidewalk sales shall be supplied by the Borough Clerk.
B. The fee for all sidewalk sale permits shall be $10.

§ 342-4. Permit regulations.
A. Permits must be conspicuously displayed on the exterior of the premises at all times during the sidewalk sale.
B. No permit shall be issued to any merchant whose business is not located within Fort Lee.
C. No permit shall be sold or otherwise transferred for use by anyone other than the permittee named on the application and permit.
D. Each individual merchant must apply for and obtain a permit.
E. Upon issuance of a permit, the Borough Clerk shall file a copy with the Chief of Police.

§ 342-5. Sunday sales prohibited; display of goods.
A. No sidewalk sales shall be held on Sundays.
B. No merchandise shall ever be displayed on the street or roadway and no parking shall be obstructed.
C. Only those goods and services normally sold by the permittee shall be displayed or sold during a sidewalk sale.
D. Each permittee shall be required to maintain at least a four-foot-wide clear right-of-way for pedestrians using the sidewalk.
E. Normal ingress and egress to and from the merchant's store or premises shall not be impaired.

§ 342-6. Time allowed for sales; number of permits per year.
A. Sidewalk sales shall not continue for more than three consecutive days under one permit, and such sales shall not be in effect for more than 12 hours in any day.
B. No more than four sidewalk sale permits will be issued to any one merchant during any calendar year.

§ 342-7. Violation and penalties.
Any person or business found guilty of violating any provisions of this section shall be subject to a fine of not more than $100 for a first offense. Second, subsequent or continuing violations shall be subject to a fine of not more than $500.


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